Sunday, September 22, 2013

DIY Flower Decoration

Today I have a flower vase tutorial for you. It is very easy to make and it only takes a few minutes.
I hope you enjoy it and try it out!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

How to use up your products

Makeup is great I know but what happens when you have to much of it and waste it because it is more than you can use.
I have a few tips and tricks that might help you with this.

1.Try to only buy limited edition products and only buy regular ones if you really want it or you run out of it.
2.If you have a lot of makeup it is good to organize it by type of products. If you do that you will have a better view of what you have and you will see products that you forgot about.
3.Try to match your makeup to the clothes you are wearing or the other way around. By doing that you will have to change the products and always use different ones.
4.You could also choose products for one look or two and wear it for a week or so and only change it on special occasions.
5.Try keeping products that you want to use up on your vanity or next to your bed .If you do that you will see them and remember to use them.
6.Another trick is to put a lipgloss in your pants or jacket. Especially in winter you are going to look into your jacket and find the lipgloss and use it.

I love mascara and I bet that you love it too but they dry out so quickly and you remain with lots of dried ones. We don’t want to buy new ones because we have too many already and I know what to do to ”repair” them..
7.Add a little bit of rubbing alcohol to your mascaras and shake them. Let them dry after night. If they are still to dry add some rubbing alcohol and if they are to wet let them dry for one more day.

I hope that you found this tips&tricks helpful.Leave a comment below and tell me what you think!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Does FIT ME fits me?

Recently I found a Maybelline set at Rossmann. It has the Maybelline Fit me foundation, the concealer and the powder. It was very affordable and I wanted to try the collection for a long time so I bought the set. It costs about 15€ which is very cheap since only the foundation costs almost 10. Now how good is it? Does it fit me? Do I like it? Keep reading to find out.

 I really like the design. It looks very well made.I have the 120 Classic Ivory. There were only three shades in the set (light, medium, dark). 

I will start with the foudation. The bottle is made out of glass and has a pump. I know that in the US it does not. It is very velvety and blends very well with the skin. It could be a bit lighter but for the sommer days it is good. 
I do not wear foundation just because it never blends with my skin very well not matter what I do. I need a lot of luck to look ok but with this I do not have this problem. It really looks good. I use a beauty blender with this because I think that it looks the best. It is not full coverage and you need a few pumps. It looks shiny but not too shiny. I just use powder on the T-zone and the rest is fine.

Conclusion: Although it has downsides I love it because I can wear it without praying before to look good. I like how it feels when touched and that it matches the skin.

The fit me concealer is not that great. It is not full coverage and that is what I am looking to find in a concealer. It is orangy which I like because it reduces the under eye circles.The packaging looks like a lipgloss and it costs around 5€. I am still looking for a better concealer but for now I use this one. On some days it is good on others not.

Conclusion: It is ok until you find a better one. I would not repurchase it again.

The pressed powder has a gorgeous packaging. It also has a mirror which is good to keep in your bag.
The color is fine and it is nos that pigmented. It looks good and protects your face from getting oily.

Conclusion: To me it is just as good as any pressed powder. It is fine and it keeps your skin oil free more than

other powders.

Some before and after photos:

Monday, June 17, 2013

Maxi Summer

maxi dress summer

SUNO New York striped dress
$915 -

Quiz pearl dress
$94 -

Don't you love maxi dresses? This summer that is what we wear.
What is so good about them? Well they are pretty much the whole outfit, are easy to wear and light weight. Let's not forget that they look great and this season is all about maxi dresses.
How can you combine the trends, accesorize them and adjust them to your preferences? Keep reading to find out.

black and white maxi dress - Polyvore
 One of the big trends this year is black & white combination especially with strips. With such a dress I would put on just a few accessories. Like a bracelet since the hands are so naked and maybe some earrings. Since the neck is covered I wouldn't wear a necklace. A great thing about this combination ob colors is that you can either wear black or white shoes. I choose black heels because they are more common. You can always wear flats and it still looks quite put together. 

   floral maxi dress - Polyvore
 The next dresses also combine two trends: floral prints and mint. This dresses look very formal and they just look perfect with wedges. But you can easily dress them down just by wearing flat sandals that are very sleek and not wearing any accessories. If you still want accessories just wear a simple ring or a bracelet. Because of the print the dress is overwhelming and doesn't need many accessories.

blue ombre dress - Polyvore 

This trend is known by everyone. We have an ombre effect on our dress and let us not forget about navy. Navy is always in in the summer time. The dress is not formal and is simple compared with the ones before. It looks great with flat sandals or even with toms but it can be dressed up with a pair of heels. Since it is kind of simple we can play a bit more with jewelry. I chose this big earrings and this leather cord bracelet that is perfect for the navy look. You can add a little necklace but for me the earrings are big enough.

My favorite pick is this dress that can be found on NEXT . I love it because it is very affordable and simple but still has something elegant to it.


Now that you know what to wear go out rock the summer and make the best of it! 

P.S. Don't forget sunscreen and sunglasses! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oh my blush...DIY!

Spring is here...well not here but somewhere in the world where it is warm and we need blush to stay onto our cheeks. Now I don't know about you but here there are not that many cream blushes for the spring-summer time and why buy something that you can make yourself. I found this gorgeous hot pink pigment and I wore it as a blush but powder blushes tend to disappear somehow and a pigment is worst. So I started looking online for recipes and I found one that I could make with simple ingredients. The problem was that it had wax in it and in Germany or at least where I live the whole DIY beauty supplies are as good as none so I had to replace the wax with something. I thought that I could use Vaseline since it is so moisturizing. Now let's get to the recipe:

You need an empty container( I got so exited that I scooped out the initial product :) )
a pigment or eyeshadow that you will break :)
a spoon of Vaseline
some kind o oil I used olive oil because that is what I had
and I used a cream highlighter for more sparkle

So you want to meld your Vaseline. You can put it in the microwave or over a candle which is better. I thought that it would take a lot time to melt it but after 20 seconds it melts. I used tweezers to hold the metal container over the candle and I added half a spoon of olive oil and a pump of the highlighter. Now with the pigment if depends on how pigmented it is. Mine was pigmented but it comes out threw little holes so I do not know how much I put into it but trust me you cannot put too much in it. It can be blended. If you put too little in it you can melt it again and add more as I did. Mix everything together with a toothpick .After you are done put it in the fridge for an hour.
Apply it with your fingers or with a brush. You can use it alone, set it with a powder or as a base for the pigment which I like to do.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

DIY: Spa day at home!

I know that I have been MIA for a while but know I am back and I can show you what I have been doing.
The first thing that you are going to see is a video about how everyone can transform a regular day into a spa day. I have been working a lot on this video even if many of you won't believe it. I am a beginner with videos making and editing so that took a lot. I really hope that you like it and maybe you could show show your support by subscribing to my channel.

P.S. I have lots of new ideas but I would also like to know what you want to see.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Style the winter: Blue and black OOTD

Hello girls!

We all know that in the winter style it is harder to style outfits. But until the spring comes I have an easy, cute and trendy outfit. It is an outfit for the day time or for the night time if it is worn with some pumps.

 I went for a blue sweater and black jeans from Primark. I added a blue top because the sweater is seethreu.

 Accessoires: Big cross necklace and blue bracelet
 Makeup: Grey and blue eyeshadow with blue eyeliner and soft pink lips

Walking the streets like on the runway

Friday, February 8, 2013

The valentine's guide: Outfit

V-day is coming up and us girls start searching for the perfect hair,makeup,outfit and so on. This year I wanted to make it a little easier for you ladies. I decided to make a guide for v-day. Today I am going to give you some tips and show you an outfit that I put together.Hope you will enjoy it and tell me what you think!

You want to dress sexy and flirty but still look inocent. So try to balance the outfit.

If you are going to a romantic dinner you could wear a dress or a skirt. Want to get all festive ? Try wearing pink or red but if you are afraid of a whole pink dress try pink accesories or lipstick.

Be different on v-day! Wear something that you would not normally wear or change your makeup,hair or perfume. You know how guys are not that happy when it comes to Valentines day so if they see that you put effort to make it special they would appreciate you more.

If you are doing something casual like going to see a movie try to spice up your look with highheels sneakers. That would add more style to your outfit without being too much!

Now let me show you my outfit that is not too elegant not too casual at the same time. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Red and Gold Glitter Nail Tutorial

Hi everyone! Today I have a nail art tutorial for you. It is a gorgeous and easy nail design. It looks good on short or long nails and makes the nails look longer. It is great for New Years eve, clubbing or parties but you can also wear it as a everyday look.I hope that you like it and maybe you will try it out!

I used a rosy nail polish(p2 Diamond Perfecteur) as a base,the red nail polish(essence show your feet) on 2/3 of my nail,the Shiny Nails Gold on the red one asa base for the glitter and the black(Fleormar) one to trace a line where the red nail polish ends.And lastly I used the essence top sealer to seal the polish and I ended up not using the red glittery one because I considered it to be to much.I also used glitter only on two nails because the red would not really show threu.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Year's eve OOTN / Makeup / Nails(Party outfit)

I know that I am doing this really late but I had a problem with my camera and today I could upload my pictures. I hope that you like my outfit. Let me know what you think in a comment.

 I wore a red and black dress from New Yorker with a blazer from a local store and black tights.

My makeup was red and black with glitter, red-orangey lips and red lips.I curled my hair with the Jose Eber clip less curling iron.

I really love this design.It makes your nails look longer.I will have a nail tutorial on this.

What did you wore on new years eve?