Monday, June 24, 2013

Does FIT ME fits me?

Recently I found a Maybelline set at Rossmann. It has the Maybelline Fit me foundation, the concealer and the powder. It was very affordable and I wanted to try the collection for a long time so I bought the set. It costs about 15€ which is very cheap since only the foundation costs almost 10. Now how good is it? Does it fit me? Do I like it? Keep reading to find out.

 I really like the design. It looks very well made.I have the 120 Classic Ivory. There were only three shades in the set (light, medium, dark). 

I will start with the foudation. The bottle is made out of glass and has a pump. I know that in the US it does not. It is very velvety and blends very well with the skin. It could be a bit lighter but for the sommer days it is good. 
I do not wear foundation just because it never blends with my skin very well not matter what I do. I need a lot of luck to look ok but with this I do not have this problem. It really looks good. I use a beauty blender with this because I think that it looks the best. It is not full coverage and you need a few pumps. It looks shiny but not too shiny. I just use powder on the T-zone and the rest is fine.

Conclusion: Although it has downsides I love it because I can wear it without praying before to look good. I like how it feels when touched and that it matches the skin.

The fit me concealer is not that great. It is not full coverage and that is what I am looking to find in a concealer. It is orangy which I like because it reduces the under eye circles.The packaging looks like a lipgloss and it costs around 5€. I am still looking for a better concealer but for now I use this one. On some days it is good on others not.

Conclusion: It is ok until you find a better one. I would not repurchase it again.

The pressed powder has a gorgeous packaging. It also has a mirror which is good to keep in your bag.
The color is fine and it is nos that pigmented. It looks good and protects your face from getting oily.

Conclusion: To me it is just as good as any pressed powder. It is fine and it keeps your skin oil free more than

other powders.

Some before and after photos:

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