Sunday, June 30, 2013

How to use up your products

Makeup is great I know but what happens when you have to much of it and waste it because it is more than you can use.
I have a few tips and tricks that might help you with this.

1.Try to only buy limited edition products and only buy regular ones if you really want it or you run out of it.
2.If you have a lot of makeup it is good to organize it by type of products. If you do that you will have a better view of what you have and you will see products that you forgot about.
3.Try to match your makeup to the clothes you are wearing or the other way around. By doing that you will have to change the products and always use different ones.
4.You could also choose products for one look or two and wear it for a week or so and only change it on special occasions.
5.Try keeping products that you want to use up on your vanity or next to your bed .If you do that you will see them and remember to use them.
6.Another trick is to put a lipgloss in your pants or jacket. Especially in winter you are going to look into your jacket and find the lipgloss and use it.

I love mascara and I bet that you love it too but they dry out so quickly and you remain with lots of dried ones. We don’t want to buy new ones because we have too many already and I know what to do to ”repair” them..
7.Add a little bit of rubbing alcohol to your mascaras and shake them. Let them dry after night. If they are still to dry add some rubbing alcohol and if they are to wet let them dry for one more day.

I hope that you found this tips&tricks helpful.Leave a comment below and tell me what you think!

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