Saturday, October 27, 2012

Color Adapting foundation review(essence makeup to match)

I heard a lot about this kind of foundation that adapts to your skin tone.The are more brands that have this kind of foundation.I know that max factor has one that is about 18€ in Germany.Since I did not know how the foundation will turn out to be and because I do not use foundation very often I decided to buy the one from essence that is called makeup to match.There are 3 shades light,medium and dark.I got the light one.It costs about 4€ so it is a lot cheaper that the one from Max Factor and I think that the quality is the same.The packaging is cute.

On the back says:color adapting foundation provides natural light coverage and flawless, radiant ftinish...

So I tried it for a few days.It belnds really good into the skin.It feels soft but it is more like a tinted  moisturizer than a foundation.It doesn't cover well.The skin does not look as red with this on but this is it.I think that it would look good as a base or primer and another foundation on top.

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