Monday, June 17, 2013

Maxi Summer

maxi dress summer

SUNO New York striped dress
$915 -

Quiz pearl dress
$94 -

Don't you love maxi dresses? This summer that is what we wear.
What is so good about them? Well they are pretty much the whole outfit, are easy to wear and light weight. Let's not forget that they look great and this season is all about maxi dresses.
How can you combine the trends, accesorize them and adjust them to your preferences? Keep reading to find out.

black and white maxi dress - Polyvore
 One of the big trends this year is black & white combination especially with strips. With such a dress I would put on just a few accessories. Like a bracelet since the hands are so naked and maybe some earrings. Since the neck is covered I wouldn't wear a necklace. A great thing about this combination ob colors is that you can either wear black or white shoes. I choose black heels because they are more common. You can always wear flats and it still looks quite put together. 

   floral maxi dress - Polyvore
 The next dresses also combine two trends: floral prints and mint. This dresses look very formal and they just look perfect with wedges. But you can easily dress them down just by wearing flat sandals that are very sleek and not wearing any accessories. If you still want accessories just wear a simple ring or a bracelet. Because of the print the dress is overwhelming and doesn't need many accessories.

blue ombre dress - Polyvore 

This trend is known by everyone. We have an ombre effect on our dress and let us not forget about navy. Navy is always in in the summer time. The dress is not formal and is simple compared with the ones before. It looks great with flat sandals or even with toms but it can be dressed up with a pair of heels. Since it is kind of simple we can play a bit more with jewelry. I chose this big earrings and this leather cord bracelet that is perfect for the navy look. You can add a little necklace but for me the earrings are big enough.

My favorite pick is this dress that can be found on NEXT . I love it because it is very affordable and simple but still has something elegant to it.


Now that you know what to wear go out rock the summer and make the best of it! 

P.S. Don't forget sunscreen and sunglasses! 

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