Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oh my blush...DIY!

Spring is here...well not here but somewhere in the world where it is warm and we need blush to stay onto our cheeks. Now I don't know about you but here there are not that many cream blushes for the spring-summer time and why buy something that you can make yourself. I found this gorgeous hot pink pigment and I wore it as a blush but powder blushes tend to disappear somehow and a pigment is worst. So I started looking online for recipes and I found one that I could make with simple ingredients. The problem was that it had wax in it and in Germany or at least where I live the whole DIY beauty supplies are as good as none so I had to replace the wax with something. I thought that I could use Vaseline since it is so moisturizing. Now let's get to the recipe:

You need an empty container( I got so exited that I scooped out the initial product :) )
a pigment or eyeshadow that you will break :)
a spoon of Vaseline
some kind o oil I used olive oil because that is what I had
and I used a cream highlighter for more sparkle

So you want to meld your Vaseline. You can put it in the microwave or over a candle which is better. I thought that it would take a lot time to melt it but after 20 seconds it melts. I used tweezers to hold the metal container over the candle and I added half a spoon of olive oil and a pump of the highlighter. Now with the pigment if depends on how pigmented it is. Mine was pigmented but it comes out threw little holes so I do not know how much I put into it but trust me you cannot put too much in it. It can be blended. If you put too little in it you can melt it again and add more as I did. Mix everything together with a toothpick .After you are done put it in the fridge for an hour.
Apply it with your fingers or with a brush. You can use it alone, set it with a powder or as a base for the pigment which I like to do.

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