Sunday, June 3, 2012

The eyeshapes and the eyelid

So this post will be about makeup for your own eyeshape and about the parts of the eye.This will make you look better and you will know how the eye parts are called and so you will undestand better a makeup tutorial.I have a diagram and a picture that will show you that:

*I found this pictures on the internet they are not mine.

My Favorite...Lipstick( Series)

So I want to start My favourite series.So basically I will post information about my favourite things like favourite bracelet,top,eyeshadow and other things.
I am going to start with my favourite lipstick.
 It is a drugstore lipstick(almost all of my makeup is from the drugstore because I still go to school so I don't earn a lot of money).It was limited edtion.
  Color:Bubblegum pink(nr.56s)
It is a very bright color.I like this lipstick beacuse it is matt and very creamy.It looks almost like Viva Glam Gaga by MAC.

The color looks different than in the picture.

Something about my Blog & me

I would like to tell you something about me and about what I will write on my blog.
My name is Luiza and I love makeup,clothes and desinging all kinds of things.I live in Germany since 2008 so I am sorry if I write some things wrong :).Now about my blog.I've been trying to write my first post for a couple of days but I didn't had the courage to do it...
I am going to write things about makeup,like tutorials,reviews and many other things.I want to post things like outfits,diys,decorating,food,workout,lifestyle and school.Things that I hope and belive that othe people will be intertied in.Now I know that for a period of time I will be alone on my blog but I hope that with the time people will start to read my blog and will enjoy it as much as I do.I will also be glad if someone would give me advices and tell me what could I make better.So now I would like to inaugurate my blog :).