Sunday, January 20, 2013

Red and Gold Glitter Nail Tutorial

Hi everyone! Today I have a nail art tutorial for you. It is a gorgeous and easy nail design. It looks good on short or long nails and makes the nails look longer. It is great for New Years eve, clubbing or parties but you can also wear it as a everyday look.I hope that you like it and maybe you will try it out!

I used a rosy nail polish(p2 Diamond Perfecteur) as a base,the red nail polish(essence show your feet) on 2/3 of my nail,the Shiny Nails Gold on the red one asa base for the glitter and the black(Fleormar) one to trace a line where the red nail polish ends.And lastly I used the essence top sealer to seal the polish and I ended up not using the red glittery one because I considered it to be to much.I also used glitter only on two nails because the red would not really show threu.

1 comment:

  1. The colors and glitters go well with the nails. I tried such glitters with pink as well and it worked well for me. This is an wonderful idea for special occasions like valentines day.