Sunday, December 30, 2012

New year's eve makeup

New Year is all about glitter and shine. So your makeup has to go with the trend.

  1.              Start by choosing the color of your makeup. It could match your outfit or it can be the pop of color for the look.
         2.       Decide if you want to use a glittery eyeshadow, a cream shadow, a pigment or normal glitter.
   3.            Now you need to decide if you want the glitter to go all over the lid or if you are insecure and don’t want to go all the way, you could use the glitter just as eyeliner. 


All over the lid

-use a primer so that the shadow will stay in place

As eyeliner

- use liquid so that the color is more vibrant and stays in place

Cream shadow

All over the lid

-you don’t need to use a primer

-using an eyeshadow over the cream shadow in the outer corner of the eye will look nice and professional

As eyeliner

-just dip an eyeliner brush into the cream shadow and apply it as usual


All over the lid

-use a pigment base or a primer  

-use tape to avoid fall outs then blend out so that you don’t have a line

As eyeliner

-use some liquid to pick it up


-mix it with a little bit of primer then apply it


All over the lid

-mix it with primer

-or for a vibrant look use lash glue over the lid then apply the glitter with your fingers

Be careful with the glitter! Don’t let it into your eye!

As eyeliner

-draw a line onto your lid with Vaseline

- dip your brush into Vaseline again then pick up the glitter and put it over the line

Try to keep the rest of the look simple so that it looks good. Match your lipstick and blush together and don’t forget to have fun!

Hope you liked it and come again tomorrow to see a glitter makeup tutorial!

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