Saturday, December 1, 2012

Adventscalendar Series

I don't know in which countries people use to make/buy Adventscalendars but in Germany we do.So an Adventscalendar has 24 doors that people open until Christmas.So today is the 1st December so I opened the first door and than tomorrow I will open the second door.In the past people used to make their one calendars where the put things in them like sweets but now most people buy them.There are a lot for kids but I found a few with beauty products.I bought one from a DM that costs 20€ and I thought that I will post for you what I find in it.I am also planning to make a giveaway on Christmas so let me know if I should!

So the calendar looks like that:
 What I found today:

 Two eye pencils but I think that I will use the pink one for my lips:


  Hope you liked it!

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