Friday, December 28, 2012

A Christmas Post

Merry Christmas!!!

I hope that you all had a great Christmas ! I went to Frankfurt for a few days.I went to friends to spend Christmas with them and I went shopping. So I thought to show you what I did for Christmas this year threw pictures.

We got there on Sunday evening and we just talked and stayed home. The next day I wanted to go shopping and I had to hurry because the stores closed at 2 pm. I went to Primark and to a few other places.
 10€ from Primark
 8€ on sale from Primark
 3.50€ from Primark 
I think that I will do a tutorial with this.
 1.50€ from Primark
 5€ from Primark
 2€ and 1.50€ also from Primark
 1€ from Primark
3€ on sale from Primark
 1,99€ by essence
8,95€ by Garnier
I had the first one but it is was a little to dark for me.I might compare the two for you guys.

I met up with my parents and went to our friends. They have a baby so I brought him a snowman toy.

After that we went back to our friends and ate the Christmas dinner. We opened our presents that night.
 My Christmas tree at home
My gift
I also got a couple other things but I don't have pictures.
 Random pictures:

Yesterday I came back. It was a lovely Christmas!

How was your Christmas?

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