Sunday, December 16, 2012

OOTD+Makeup and Hair:Going for a cup of coffe!

Today I have an outfit of the day for you guys!It is a casual outfit that is more fall/spring looking rather than a winter outfit.I wanted a simple but pretty looking outfit so that the main part of the outfit is made out of accesories and the hairstyle that I had to work half an hour on because I am so bad with hairstyles.

So the top that I was wearing is from Avanti.I bought it in a store in Frankfurt a few years ago.It is a purple top with long sleeves.The top part has a 3 buttons and has a little bit of detailing.
 The pants that I chose are just basic wax pants from benetton.I love this pants because they kind of add something special to any outfit.
 I am sorry about the picutures but since I did not had someone that could take a picture of me I had to improvise.There is another picture of me in the outfit but again I had to take a picture of myself.Oh, sorry for the mess in front of me!
 So moving on to my favorite part which is the makeup! I worked with purple tones.
1.Purple palette from Kik -1-2€
2.Concealer palette by essence-2-3€
3.Casuelle pink blush is from my advent calendar.I have a series on this products.
4.Wild craft eyebrow kit by essence-around 3
5.Bipa mascara-2,29€
6.Falsies by maybeline-10€
7.Conealer by essene-3,50€
8.Purple eyeliner that I got in a set from ebay
9.Makeup to match foundation by essence    -3,45€ 
10.R L lipstick-2


The look that I created:

So for the hairstyle I used a donut bun.I am sure that you all know what that is.I needed a half an hour to make it.It was alsways too loose or the bun maker was showing threw.I don't know how people in all the tutorials do it so easy.Here is again a bad picture.It is really hard to make a picure without seeing what you are doing.But I think that it looks kind of "artistic".
 And last but not least come the jewelry pieces.I included somer studs earrings and a ring made by me.So let me know if you would like to see a tutorial on theese.I also included a necklace that was a gift from my friend.

I hope that you liked it!

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