Saturday, November 17, 2012

Random Haul

A week ago I bought some things and today I wanted to show it to you guys!

1.I bought a necklace from 1982.It is pink-pruple and very long.It was on sale.-2€

 2.I got a ring by 1982 that kind of matches the necklace.It is silver with a pink stone.-2€

 3.Set of rings by 1982.-2€

4.Eye base by p2.I needed an eyebase so that my makeup would stay in place so I thought to try this one.-about 2,50-3€

5.Nail sealer by essence.I love this thing.My old one is emty so I needed a new one.This dries so fast and helps your nailpolish to dry.

6.Balea buttermilk lemon shaving gel-1,99€
7.Balea trend it up volume hairspray.-about 2€
8.The last thing I did not bought.It was a gift from a new shop.It is a charm charm.

I hopethat you einjoyed it!!! 



  1. Great picks!!! i think of all the things that you have bought, I wanna try out the nail sealer. I love changing nail colors so I think I need one of this.

    1. The nail sealer is really great.I remember doing my nails and I had to watch a movie so that my nail polish would dry.With this I save a lot of time!