Thursday, November 8, 2012

October Haul

I have little haul for zou guys.Hope you like it!

1.I found this clutch from H&M that was on sale and since I love clutches I decided to buy it.The color is green.It has a little bit of silver and a leathery pattern.-15€ on sale 5€

 2.I got the apple cinnamon punch hand cream by essence from their witer collection.-1€ They have three different scents and this one smells the best.It smells really "cristmasy".Last year they had a winter collection too and that one was better.

3.P2 nail file.I wanted this for a long time and yersterday I heard someone talking about how good it is so I decided to buy it.-1,55€

4.I wanted to get a electric toothbrush for so long.I remember that I had one when I was little in the shape of a mermaid.I got one from Oral-B.-13€

5.We run out of liquid soap so I got one from balea with olives&lemons.It smells so good.It was almost 1€.

 6.I needed a new deodorant so I got one that I like.At least at this moment it does its job.I got the Axe Anarchy deodorant.It is the the only one for women.-3,26€
 So that was my little haul.I hope you liked it.Tell me what you think.

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