Sunday, October 21, 2012

Clubbing turquoise makeup tutorial

Yesterday I went clubbing and I wanted to show you my makeup.It is a tuquoise-green makeup with pink cheeks and pink lipstick.
First I applied the loreal matmorphose mousse foundation in 110.

Then I applied concealer(essence 20 soft beige)and the Cadeavera(it is a local brand) powder in 10 soft ivory with a sponge because when you dance you will sweat and your skin is going to glow powder prevents that to happen.

I applied the first color in the claires glitter eye gloss palette.
Than I applied the 4th color in the 88 palette all over my lid.After that I applied the blue in the claires palette with a angledbrush as my eyeliner and a guide.
Next I apllied a light turquoise color as you can see in the picture.
Than I applied another turquoise color over the claires color.

I applied mascara and a pink blush from claires.

I added some black liner on my waterline and a glittery powder on my lid.Ithan added Astor pink kiss 100 onto my lips.I hope you liked it!Please tell me what you think about it and if you want to see other tutorials like that!

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