Sunday, June 3, 2012

Something about my Blog & me

I would like to tell you something about me and about what I will write on my blog.
My name is Luiza and I love makeup,clothes and desinging all kinds of things.I live in Germany since 2008 so I am sorry if I write some things wrong :).Now about my blog.I've been trying to write my first post for a couple of days but I didn't had the courage to do it...
I am going to write things about makeup,like tutorials,reviews and many other things.I want to post things like outfits,diys,decorating,food,workout,lifestyle and school.Things that I hope and belive that othe people will be intertied in.Now I know that for a period of time I will be alone on my blog but I hope that with the time people will start to read my blog and will enjoy it as much as I do.I will also be glad if someone would give me advices and tell me what could I make better.So now I would like to inaugurate my blog :).


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